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AC.09. Anila Sarath - Mr Lionel Ramamurthy


Ms Georgine Ponsford

Resident Community Nurse

Community Retirement Home

103 Light Street


11 February 2019

Dear Ms Ponsford,

Re: Mr Lionel Ramamurthy, aged 63

I am writing to update the current health status of Mr Ramamurthy who was diagnosed with

Pneumonia, requires follow up care and appropriate management followed by discharge today.

On 04 February 2019, Mr Ramamurthy was admitted with the complaints of acute shortness of breath

(SOB), persistent cough, fever and sleeplessness. Assistance required for activities of daily living during

the time of admission. He was very weak and noted SOB on exertion.

Mr Ramamurthy was encouraged with oral fluids and proper nutrition. Ambulation was initiated as per

physiotherapy review. Slow and independent walk has been started. Dry cough, chest pain and

abdominal pain are still persisting. Therefore, chest physiotherapy for breathing and coughing exercise

were commenced. Weight gain of 1.5 Kg was noted after the dietitian consultation. Sitting position was

preferred to ensure the postural drainage. He has good progress in his condition.

Mr Ramamurthy was advised to take Paracetamol if required for chest or abdominal pain. Monitoring

his diet, which include egg, fruits, vegetables along with adequate hydration are necessary. Keep him

warm always.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, continuous support and proper management of Mr

Ramamurthy’s condition would be extremely beneficial.

If any additional information is required. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge nurse

Newton Public Hospital

41 Main Street



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