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AC.08. Sumaira Zaman - Mrs Maria Jhon


Dr. Patric Dsouza,

Senior endocrinologist,

Blue Well Hospital Australia,

468 St Kilda Road,

Melbourne, VIC 3004


Respected sir,

Re: Mrs. Maria Jhon. Aged 60-year-old

I am referring Mrs. Jhon, who was admitted to our facility on 11-12-2014 with a complaint of abdominal and joint pain, constipation, slurred speech, dizziness, fatigue and dry mouth. She is ready to discharge home.

She sis suffering with oestroprosis, irritable bowel syndrome, HTN, right sided stroke and hyperthyroidism, for which he complained of increas fatigue, wight and hair loss. Furthermore she suffers with seizure disorder.

During hospital stay her recored Blood pressure was 170/110 heat rate 92B/min for that she is on oral medication. Her lab results, MRI and ultrasound arw attached to the letter for your information.

She was offered for a surgery, however she preferred for medically therapy,.She is se due for a TSH over two weeks.

I'm referring Mrs. Maria jhon, to yours services for further assessment and management. Once again thank you very much for accepting her case. Please feel free to contact me for further queries.

You sincerely,

Shelly Kate

Charge nurse,

Blue Well Hospital.


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