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AB.7. Vignana Jyothi - Mr Bill Richardson



Community Information Section

Heart Foundation

2 Gregory Terrace


15 September 2017

Dear Dietitian

Re: Mr Bill Richardson, DOB 12 January 1966

Mr Richard, who is recuperating well after coronary artery bypass graft, needs advice and information regarding dietary plan after surgery following the discharge back to your facility today.

Mr Richard, initially presented with severe chest pain and was diagnosed to have coronary artery disease; consequently, coronary artery bypass graft was performed on 4 September 2017. Post operatively, though wound healing is excellent and able to walk well, weight of 99 kgs was extra for height 170 cms. On recovery advise has been given to take low fat diet, cease smoking and reduce alcohol.

Mr Richard is a fencing contractor, single and lives alone in his own home and is chronic smoker and alcoholic upto 6X300ml bottles beer per day on regular basis, moreover sausages, deep fried chips, eggs, MacDonald’s are his usual diet.

Upon discharge the stipulated activities are, it would be highly appreciated if on low fat diet by healthy simple recipes excluding nuts in diet is enforced. It would be extremely beneficial if physiotherapy is implemented in assisting activities which can modify lifestyle and aid in weight reduction. A scheduled appointment is fixed after blood test on 23 October 2017 and visiting GP Dr Avril Jensen on 25 October 2017 to assess for improvement on aforementioned sedentary lifestyle.

In case of any additional information required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your sincerely

Cassandra Sullvian

Registered Nurse

Coronary Care Unit

St Andrew Hospital



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