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AB.5. Vignana Jyothi - Mr Robert Jai


The Head Nurse

Geriatric Nursing home

Jones street


20 May 2019

Dear Nurse

Re: Mr Robert Jai, aged 70

Thank you for accepting the care of Mr Robert Jai, who has been recuperating well after appendectomy requires ongoing care and management following the discharge today.

Mrs Jai, had severe pain in the abdomen on admission, on investigating WBC and RBS were elevated, ultrasound revealed inflammated appendix. As a result, appendectomy was performed on 11 May 2019, inspite of managing blood glucose levels, administering antibiotics and analgesics, oozing, itching, redness around the wound were noticed on first postoperative day, consequently the antibiotic Taxim 1gram was substituted with Augmentin and dressing was continued till date, which helped wound healing and subsequently assisted to mobilise shower and do personal care.

Mrs Jai is a retired postman, widower, who used to live alone in a rental flat with CVA, right hemiplegia and slurred speech. Despite of being hypertensive and diabetic she is heavy smoker and crazy for sweet foods. The list of medications for the above-mentioned are enclosed with this letter for your reference and she is allergic to Pandine forte.

Upon discharge, the stipulated activities are it would be highly appreciated if medication compliance, blood glucose monitoring, regular dressing changes must be performed, dietary regimen soft diet must be strictly enforced and fluid intake must be monitored. It would be extremely beneficial if physiotherapy with mobilizational needs besides assisting activities of daily living are implemented. A scheduled appointment is fixed after1 week for modification of treatment if necessary.

In case of any additional information required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse

New Life Hospital.


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