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AB.27. Kinara Tamang - Mrs Margaret Helen Martin



District Nursing Service

Greenville Community Health Care Centre

88 Highton Road

16July 2018

Dear Sir/Madam

Re:Ms.Margaret Helen Martin,aged 82

Thank you for accepting Ms.Margaret Helen who has undergone for Angioplasty due to Coronary Artery Disease.She requires constant monitoring and appropriate assistance at home following the discharge tomorrow.

Ms.Margaret is also suffering from hypertension and hypercholestrolemia,which was managed by metroprolol,ramipril and atrovastatin respectively.Due to the sedentary lifestyle she is overweight and also that’s a family history of Coronary Artery disease .

During hospitalisation,post operative recovery was good. A slight bruise was observed at the catheter site,however,no signs of infection or bleeding observed.Post procedure,she was anxious related to the recovery and management at home.In view of sedentary lifestyle followed,an expert opinion was taken from the dietitian.Additionally,a diet chart have been attached with the letter for your persual.Oral hydration to be properly maintained.Gradually,physiotherapy was initiated as per the recovery requirements,which is to be continued at home.Heavy lifting is strictly restricted for 12weeks.In addition adherence to medication to be strictly maintained.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances your unconditional support and regular monitoring would be profoundly beneficial for Ms. Margaret Helen’s health condition.In case,if you require any additional information,please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Ward Nurse

Cardiac Unit

Greenville Public Hospital


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