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The Dietician

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Spirit Hospital

Prayer town

NSW 2175

15 October,2019

Dear Dietician,

Re: Ms Julia Smith,DOB:06/11/1951

I am writing to refer Ms Smith,who has a dementia with high risk of aspiration.She requires an urgent assessment of swallow function and nutritional status from your service.

On 14/1/19 at 17:00 hours Mrs Smith had a episode of chocking on a piece of food possibly because of food was not chewed properly.Instantly she became blue in colour and grabbed her throat with both hands and coughed.The piece of solid food removed.At 18:00 hours her skin became to normal colour.

Mrs Smith is a single,new resident of dementia specific unit, under the Australian Guardianship and administration Council Protection.Though she has no friends she is emotionally dependent on nursing staff.She has total upper and lower dentures, which she occasionally refuses to wear because of confusion and disorientation.Her level of appetite is good and eating 3 full portion of meals a day.Inaddition to that she eats other residents food such as banana, biscuits and lollies.

Mrs Smith has had ischemic heart disease, stroke and diabetes mellitus since 2012,2028,2007 respectively.she has osteoarthritis of both knees for 20 yeary and unsteady gait due to the effect of stroke.She has chronic constipation is on laxatives as per need.she gained 10 kgs of weight for past 5 months and her current weight is 106 kgs.( BMI of 30).

Kindly assess her swallowing function and nutritional status.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Your's sincerely,

Registered Nurse

Dementia Specific Unit


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