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Ms Niya Roberts

In Home Nursing Services

79 Beachside street


15 July,2018

Dear Ms Roberts,

Re: Mrs Jasmine Thomas,age:76 years

I am writing to refer Mrs Thomas,who underwent right shoulder replacement.she requires continuous care and assistance from a home nurse followed by her discharge.she is being discharged today.

Mrs Thomas was admitted to hospital with the compliment of right shoulder osteoarthritis, for which she underwent surgery on 11/7/2018.Physiotherapy has been initiated and her pain was managed with analgesics with cold compress.Routine post - operative care has been given which included neurovascular observations, wound care, applying shoulder brace for 4 hours pet day and assisting with an activities of daily livings.

Mrs Thomas is a widow,lives in single-storey house.She has two adult children and the daughter will stay with het for a month.

Kindly make arrangements for physiotherapy 2 times a week and hydrotherapy once in a week.Please make sure that she has to wear right arm sling for 4 weeks and does not lift for 4 weeks.Kindly note that her next visit will be in orthopaedic joint replacement outpatient department to remove the staples at 10 th post operative day.Kindly assist her in activities of daily living and administer injection. clexane subcutaneously for 4 days.Her medication list has been enclosed.Please call to hospital to contact orthopaedic joint replacement nurse specialist during week days,if you have any concern.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Your's sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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