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Ms Su Yin Lee

The Sister in Charge

Hempstead Road

695 Hempstead Road

Greenacres 5029

1 December 2019

Dear Ms Yin Lee,

Re: Mr Shannon Warne, aged 23

Mr Warne, who has been suffering with probable permanent neurological damage affecting mobility, speech and memory, requires regular monitoring and ongoing care after getting discharged today

On 6 October, Mr Warne got admitted with broken neck and fractured pelvis following a car accident. Consequently, the required treatment was provided. Presently, excellent recuperation in terms of mobilization and bed sores recovery has been noticed. However, daily physiotherapy along with twice a week hydrotherapy and thrice a week speech therapy would be beneficial to regain optimal health.

Socially, Mr Warne is an architectural student, who was living in a flat. Although he is being shifting to your facility, possibility to return home is there. Apart from this, eligibility to receive disability pension has been reported .

In view of the above, involvement in certain activities of interest and interaction with people of same age would be greatly appreciated to treat depression. In addition, contact with the Adelaide university for a possibility to continue study externally would be required.

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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