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735 - Mr Jake Peterson - Nursing - OET - Writing - QualityCheck - Swarnalatha Miriyala - UK


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Mrs Monica Kullan

Senior Nurse practitioner

University of Marchbank Health centre

Hillsdunne Rd


30 August 2019

Dear Mrs Kullan

Re: Mr Jake Peterson, aged 18

I am writing to introduce Mr Jake Peterson,who is about to start studying at Marchbank University.He presents with hair loss and with associated depression and anxiety. He requires regular monitoring and special exam arrangements.

Initially, Mr Peterson presented with hair loss and anxiety when he was 13.He was referred to trichologist and was prescribed steroid cream. However, his condition has worsened and discontinued the medication. After four years,his condition stabilized with some hair regrowth.

In December 2018, Mr Peterson visited again with same aforementioned complaints associated with significant weight loss of 6 kilograms over the last two months. Although, he was advised to consult the doctor, he opted to try homeopathic remedies. After two months, he has no progress and reported that he has social issues. Conseuently, referral to the school counsellor was recommended, but he failed to attend the appointment.

Currently,he is extremely anxious and increased hair loss. He also worried about exams, transition to university and independent living. In addition,his alcohol intake has increased to 28 units per week.

Your expert observation of Mr Peterson's condition and special exam arrangements would be extremely beneficial. In case you require àny additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Holly House Blurring School



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