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696. Ms Amy Vineyard - Nursing - OET - Writing - QualityCheck - Ernest Ntahane - Durban - S. Africa


696. Ms Amy Vineyard - Nurse - Durban - South Africa

Ernest Ntahane - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

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1. Ms Lucy 8an? 🙂

2. Re: Ms Amy Vineyard, aged 21 years

3. "substance abuser"? wrong coinage. "who has substance abuse and alcohol issues"

4. Not just substance abuse. She wishes to cease or reduce alcohol consumption too.

5. cigarette smoking is not substance abuse. So "except" is out of place.

6. sexually transmitted diseases

7. Replace "worth to note" with "please note".

8. As for Ms Vineyards past medical history, she has had suicidal thoughts and attempted self-harm once; however, she has never consulted a psychiatrist.

9. Ms Vineyard shares accommodation with a female friend and has no contact with her parents.

10. She started using drugs and consuming alcohol when she was 16 years of age.

11. She sometimes shares infecting equipment. (Make that a separate sentence)

12. for a minimum of two weeks.

13. Her fisrt trumester ultrasound is due at 12 weeks. (Trimester = 3 months = 12 weeks)

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