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692.Ms Mavis Brampton - Nursing - OET - Writing - QualityCheck - Prabhjeet Kaur - Amritsar - India


692. Ms Mavis Brampton - Nurse - Amritsar - India

Prabhjeet Kaur - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

Registered - Regular Student - GrandMasterClass


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1. ..a widow who was hospitalised with..

2. After effective treament.. (remove "an")

3. Remove "for her well-being".

4. Mrs Brampton currently smokes 10 cigarettes a day

5. She is overweight with a BMI of 29

6. She was treated with intravenous amoxycillin and supplementary oxygen.

7. "As per recommendations she was advised to." Confusing! Whose recommendations? Who advised her?

8. She was commenced on Pravastatin..

9. Please monitor her quit smoking plans.

10. Please continue Zyban for two more months unless you notice side effects such as dry mouth or sleeping difficulty.

11. Nicotine patches may be continued until her smoking is completely under control

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