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688. Ms Amy Vineyard - Nursing - OET - Writing - QualityCheck - Prabhjeet Kaur - Amritsar - India


688. Ms Amy Vineyard - Nurse - Amritsar - India

Prabhjeet Kaur - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

Registered - Regular Student - GrandMasterClass


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1. ..who requires ongoing monitoring for cessation of substance abuse and alcohol consumption.

2. self-admitted

3. including blood tests to rule out HIV/AIDS and STDs.

4. There is no need to mention rehabilitation clinic as the patient rejected the suggestion.

5. She has been using recreational drugs since the age of 16. ("substance abusive" - wrong coinage)

6. smokes 30 to 40 cigarettes (not "takes")

7. has a history of suicidal thoughts and self-harm attempt.

8. She shares accommodation with a female friend and has no contact with her parents

9. You are requested to kindly provide...

10. Help her attend Methadone programme and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.*

11. Please note her first trimester ultrasound is due at 12 weeks and that she requires maternal health clinic appointments.

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