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546. MS NINA SHARMAN - OET - Writing - QualityCheck - SHIJI JOBINS -


546. MS NINA SHARMAN -Doctor -

SHIJI JOBINS - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

Registered - Regular Student - GrandMasterClass


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Personalised Feedback ... Page... 1 ...


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Special Suggestions for Quality Enhancement ...

1. “I am writing to request an urgent visit for Ms Sharman, a resident of our dementia specific unit, who is at high risk of aspiration. Her swallowing function as well as nutritional status need to be assessed.”

2. Last night Ms Sharman choked on a piece of food probably as a result of improper chewing. She suddenly turned blue, grabbed her throat with both hands and coughed. Thus the food particle obstructing the air passage was dislodged.” (nobody “pulled out” anything from Ms Sharman’s mouth.)

3. “Ms Sharman is single and is…”

4. “Australian Guardianship and Administration Council”. Why mention them in the letter?

5. She has confusion and disorientation due to dementia.

6. Due to increased appetite, she eats three full meals a day and eats bananas and lollies.

7. “She is overweight with a BMI of 30…”

8. “Kindly visit her at our facility to assess her swallowing function and nutritional status.”

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