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451. Mr.Margaret Helen Martin - Nursing - OET - Writing - QualityCheck - Bincy Kunjumon - Medicine






Suggestions for quality enhancement...


1. Is that a hyphen I see between 15 and July?

2. I am referring Ms Martin ...

3. ....following her discharge tomorrow.

4. She is recovering after repeat angioplasty.

5. Ms Martin lives alone. OR Ms Martin lives alone in own house.

6. She underwent angioplasty first in 2008. OR She had her first angioplasty in 2008.

7. Wheels on meals? No. Meals on wheels.

8. She is hearing impaired and uses hearing aid.

9. Subsequently, she underwent her second angioplasty.

10. Currently, there is bruising at the catheter site.

11. She is ready for discharge pending the cardiologist's report.

12. Following her discharge, Ms Martin needs to be on a special diet supervised by a dietitian.

13. She also needs to commence on exercises with assistance from a physiotherapist.

14. The sentence within brackets, is a repetition.


The Nurse-in-Charge

The District Nursing Service

Greenville Community Health Care Centre

88 Highton Road



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