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334.Mrs Constance Maxwell-Nurse -OET-Writing -QualityCheck -Sonal Lakhani- Hyderabad-Telangana-India


334.Mrs Constance Maxwell - Nurse - Hyderabad - Telangana - India

Sonal Lakhani - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

Registered - Regular Student - GrandMasterClass


Original Manuscript... Page... 1 ...


Original Manuscript... Page... 2 ...


Original Electronic Type Version ....




Personalised Feedback ... Page... 1 ...


Personalised Feedback ... Page... 2


Special Suggestions for Quality Enhancement ...


1. Start with the initial visit. When you start with today's visit, the letter loses its coherence and organisation.

2. Today, Ms Maxwell reported to this facility accompanied by her husband. She stated that she could hardly see anything and could only make out shapes. She could not watch television or read the newspaper. She was also unable to read the eye chart due to white, sticky discharge in her eyes.

3. Remove "the ". ... with complaints of...

4. Remove "on assessment". She was diagnosed with...

5. Remove "a". ... had blurred vision..

6. ...congestion was noted..

7. Bion Tears eye drops

8. hyperthyroidism (spelling)

9. ....medications include...

10. In view of the above,

11. ...on an urgent basis.

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