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280. LIGY SIBI - Nurse - OET-Writing - QualityCheck - SHEILA CARTWRIGHT


280. LIGY SIBI - - Nurse -

SHEILA CARTWRIGHT - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

Registered - Regular Student - GrandMasterClass


Original Manuscript... Page... 1 ...


Original Manuscript... Page... 2 ...



Original Electronic Type Version ....




Personalised Feedback ... Page... 1 ...


Personalised Feedback ... Page... 2



Special Suggestions for Quality Enhancement ...


I am referring (you can easily save two words)

Sentence continuation problem in the introduction.

She requires...

No need a comma before for which

Avoid using or double check before using unnecessary connectors. ( Subsequently, in addition, of note, please note, consequently, kindly, therefore etc.)

In the left foot or in her left foot

Avoid phrases like apart from that.

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