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243. UMA PRIYA - Nurse - OET-Writing - QualityCheck - CHARLOTTE PRINCE


243. UMA PRIYA - Nurse -

CHARLOTTE PRINCE - Case Notes - Nursing - Writing

Registered - Regular Student - GrandMasterClass


Original Manuscript... Page... 1 ...


Original Manuscript... Page... 2 ...



Original Electronic Type Version ....




Personalised Feedback ... Page... 1 ...


Personalised Feedback ... Page... 2



Special Suggestions for Quality Enhancement ...


Please learn the correct layout of the OET letter

Mr X was admitted on date

Use words instead of abrevaiations

She was admitted with ...

No need unnecessary dates

Needs to improve sentence structure

Avoid using brackets in oet letters

Needs to be concised

Learn sentence structure.. Mr X is very weak

Learn to make request sentences.

If you have any queries, please contact me.

Yours sincerely

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