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QQ 1170.Mr. Amir Akbari - Letter - Shehlla


The Charge Nurse

prince henry rehabilitation center

Malabar Bay

22 , April 2011

Dear charge nurse

Re: Mr Amir Akbari , aged 41

I am writing to refer mr Amir Akbari , who has been diagnosed as gullain - barre syndram. he requires on going care and rehabilitation under your services , being discharged today.

mr akbari was admitted to hospital on 6 march 2011, due to unable to moves his limbs independently . during hospitalization had rapid deterioration, therefore requires intubation and close metorning in intensive care unit . he was commenced on intravenous gamma globulin for 5 days and had a regular plasmapharaesis sessions. mr akbari recovery has remarkable progress, however muscle tone and strength still week , thus requires assistance for activites of daily living . able to walk slowely with frame . self exercises program and physiotherapy on daily basis were initiated .

mr akbari lives with his wife and two children . has had history of post trtraumatic stress disorder , prone to depression and anxiety due to financial issue in his family.

based on above circumstances , it would be greatly appericited if you could encourage mr akbari to do self excercises alonge with continue physiotherapy . kindely monitor his respiratory and neurological status . social worker refer required to follow his family issues as well as halal dietary habits.

in case of require additional information , please do not hesitate to contact me.

yours sincerely

charge nurse


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