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QQ 1167.Mr. Alfred Billy - Letter - Bushra Tabassum


The community head nurse

care well hospital


5 may 2010

Dear nurse

Re: Mr Alfred Billy, aged 52

I am referring mr billy, who has been recuperating from based cell carcihoma removal burgery , for on going support and management upon discharge toady.

on 21 march , mr billy presented to the hospital . a pathological study was conducted which confirmed modular based cell carcinoma of neck , consequently , underwent successful surgery which has been encouraging so far. post operatively, panadeine forte 500mg for rdieving pain was prescribed.

currently , mr billy is hecomodynamically stable and complains no pain, yet medication to be continued for mother week in addition to daily observations at the site of the incision for any infection.

Being married mr billy lives with his wife , an unremarkable pass medical history with no previous hospitalizations were reported.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances , regular observation and continuing support for mr billy's condition would be extremely beneficial . in case you require any additional information , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse

Royal Perth Hospital


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