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QQ 1073. Mrs. Annie Ellis - Letter - Naseem Al Safar

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Mr. Paul Ferris


Summerseat Nursing Home

Garden Street


16 June 2018

Dear Mr. Ferris

Re: Mrs. Anne Ellis, aged 76

Mr. Ellis has been diagnosed with bilateral multiple renal calculi and moderate bilateral hydrone phrases requires continuing care and management foollowing. The discharge back into your healthy today.

On 12 June Mrs. Anne was admitted to the hospital with abrupt onset of intense pain. Unilateral left lan and groin radiating to back. Excessive subating, grimaca restlesness, vomiting and haematuria also observed her vital signs slightly higher sales bp 140/90 mmHg. Temp. 36.6 c, HR. 102, Resp. 21 breaths min. Compouted tomography tons which shows bilateral multiple renal calculi and moderate bilateral hydronephrosis.

During hospitilization she was treated with IV Diclofenac 75mg, IV metocloparamide long and IV fluid 2L daily administered on the subsequent day tamsalusin, 8mg twice a day to and spontaneous passage of calculus and paracetamol 500 mg every 4- 6 hours to relieve pain were commenced. As per urologist assessment stone will pass automatically within 1-2 weeks . Vitally she us stable now and fit for discharge.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, it would be greatly appreciated, if you could monitor her medication. Complaine, increase fluid intake 2-3 L daily suggested, monitor urine output and to use of save to check passage of stone to be sent to lab for analyses. Dietiation monitoring is recommended to monitor low salt intake maximum 3g daily and to avoid excessive intake of oxaliate rich food such as nuts, soy production, wheat brane and limit animal protein intake 1.0 g/ kg body weight . An appoinment wuth uralogist ha sbeen scheduled on 20 July .

If you have anu further informatiom. Please donot hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse

Medical Ward.


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