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QQ 1070. Mrs. Nina Davis - Letter - Nusrat Mujeeb

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Ms. Susan Parry

Charge Nurse

Helping Hard Rehabilitation Centre

Eagle Vale, Sydney


02 July 2017

Dear Ms. Parry

Re: Mrs. Nina Davies, DOB: 25 December 1943

I am referring Mrs. Davjes, who has underwent surgery of left hemiarthroplasty with diagnosed fracture of left neck of femur. She requires continue physiotherapy , support for acitivities daily lives and regular mentioning and appropriate management following her discharge today.

On admission she presented of ER with injury on the left hip had a fall after slipping diagnosis has confirmed fracture of left neck of femur through medically evaluation left hemiarthroplasts has been succesfully, post-operative medicine commneced intravenous fluids 100g/ hr, morphine 10mg intramuscular every 4 hoursamd as per require famotidine (peptode) 20 mg every 12 hours and cefazdin (ancef) 1g intravenous every shortly only 3 closes.

On firsy post- operative day she was facing pain of hip and backs. On assessment she experienced restless and confused with hallucination due to possibilith over dose of morphine. Doctor replaced morphine with hydrocodone/acetarminophen 5mg/ 32.5mg (lortab) 1 or 2 every 4 to 6 hours or as per need for releiving of pain. Furisemide and aspirine resumed per oral.

On 30 June 201u, she was complaining of dizziness and mild headache resulting in a fall Furosemide has been discontinued to presentation of hypertension, physiotherapy commenced.

She has a history of osteoporosis, mild hyperlipidaemia mild hyoertension. Coronary artery disease and tendonitis of right shoulder. She was on following medication, Sinvastatin (zocor) 20mg once a day, aspiring once a day, furosemide (lasia) 10 mg once a day, alendronate (fosamar)10 Mg once a day, vit-D 600 mg, vit-E, vit-C , and Mg daily.

On 01 July 2017, physiotherapy cotinued . Complaining of constipation no bowel movement since the day of surgery. Docusate 100 gm daily commenced. Encouraged ambulating for short distance with support of waiter assisstance provided activities of daily lives. Original dressing has been changed. She is recently for discharge.

On based of above mentation all circumstances regularl monitoring all circumstances regualrly monitoring of medicine. Complaince is extremely beneficial for her, require continue physiotherapy. Support for ADL. Shcedule had been arranged for removal of staples on day14. Medicine chart has atached for your perusel.

If you have any queries feel free tk contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charged Nurse,

Medical Ward

Prince Wales Hospital.


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