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QQ 1066. Mrs. Nina Davis - Letter - Romila

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Ms. Susan Parry

Charge Nurse

Helping Hand, Rehabilitation Centre

Eagle Vale

Sydney, NSW

2 July 2017

Dear Ms. Parry

Re: Mrs. Nina Davies

DOB: 25 December 1943

Mrs. Davies, who was admitted on 28 June 2017 through ER with diagnosis of fractured left neck of femur is being discharged today for continuing care and management.

Mrs. Davie was prescuted in the ER with injury on the left hip due to fall on floor. Surgery was performed for left hemiartheraplasty post-operatively IV fluids. 1 M morphine, IV Famatidine and IV antibiotic, Cefazolin commenced. On the first day of surgery she complaints of hip and book pain, restless and confused probably administration of Morphine-IV medication changed to oral route. On 30 June 2017 physiotherapy started, she did not tolerate due to dizziness and light-headedness.

On the third day of surgery, physiotherapy in progress. Docusate 100 mg commenced daily to regulate bowel motion. Activities of daily living were assisted and she was encouraged for ambulation with walker and forthe day of surgery, wound dressing was changed. Currently her condition is stable.

Medically she is known case of asteopresis since 2015, mild hypertipidemia, mild hypertension, cornary artery disesase and tendonitis of right shoulder . Percutaneous transluminae coronary angioplasty was performed in 2009.

Mrs. Davies, socially was very active. She was a retired librarian, married and living with her husband. She liked to drink coffee once a day and allergic with dairy products.

Upon discharge medication hydroendone/acetaminopher 5mg/325 mg 1-2 every 4-6 hours when needed for pain Accetaminophen 325mg 1-2 every 4-6 hours if needed for headache and minor pain. Famotidine 20 mg twice daily Docusate 100mg daily and Alendromate limits 30% for 6 weeks.

Based on above mentioned information she is discharged for continue physiotherapy and medication- assistance is required for daily living activities-needs to remove staples in day 14 and keep dressing intact and dry. Incase you require additional information. Do not hesitate to contact.

Yours sincerely

Diana Jones

Charge Nurse

Medical Ward

Prince Wales Hospital

95, Eagle Vale Sydney.


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