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QQ 1063. Ms. Sonia Calleja - Letter - Romila Mal

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


The Social Worker

Huntington Tower


9 September Wroker

Re: Ms. Sonia Calleja, aged 85

I am referring Ms. Sonia Calleja who underwent surgery of the right inguinal hernia for ongoing care following her discharge today.

On 28 August 2018 Ms. Calleja had sudden onset of pain-nausea, constipation, and bloated abdomen. Abdominal x-ray confirmed intestinal obstruction. She was operated to repair the right inguinal hermia. Post-operatively prognosis with minimal pain noticed.

Ms. Sonia Calleja was referred in the geriatric rehabilitation assessment unit. Paracetamol wasbprescribed to manage the pain. Assessment was performed by aged care assessment team which foung her feeble due to ability of walk and faecal incontinence. Hence, permanent 24 hour nursing care was recommended.

Ms. Calleja was known case of asterioarthritis for which she is on supplements and vit-D. She was not happily to live in independent unit . Her daughter is unwell and frustrated that cannot takecare of her.

Based on above-mentioned information requesting transition to an aged care required high level of care.

Yours faithfulluly

Charge Nurse

Newtown Hospital.


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