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QQ 1061. Alicia Nesbit - Letter - Shehlla Basheer

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


The Midwife

Saltown Maternal and Child Health Center


28 April 2016

Dear Midwife

Re: Alicia Nesbit, aged 6 days

Alicia Nesbit, who has diagnosed with low birth weight due to mother opioid dependence require ongoing care and followup, following her discharge today.

On 22 April 2016, Ms. Gemma Poole was admitted due to labour pain, undergone normal delivery had baby Alicia, weight 2.0kg, consequently, both mother and Alicia compected opioid withdrawal without any complication.

Post delivery erratically decreased in batyle feeding has been observed, due to poor relationship between Alicia and mother Gemma, hence, she requires prompting to care for Alicia. Due to her ongoing opioid addiction issue drug and alcohol team were involved.

Alicia, mother has had history of opioid, since two year, use to live with Alicia father but due to domestic violence during pregnancy, depearated from him, and will live with meternal grandmothers house after discharge from the hospital.

Based on aformentioned circusmtances, monitoring of dakly visit, until Alicia weight and feeding because stable, along with psychosocial status of mother towards Alicia and education to mother and grandmother regarding infant care, porfoundly beneficial. Social worker update require if there is any possibility of unsafe environment for Alicia Liaise with drug and alcohol team to provide integrated support for Ms. Gemma to decrease the risk of opioid are suggested. If you require additional information, please donot hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


Saint Daphne

Maternity Hospital.


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