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QQ 1059. Ms. Tracy Chapman - Letter - Shehlla Basheer

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


The Community Health Nurse

Rae Willis

23 April 1990

Dear Nurse

Re: Ms. Tracy Champan, aged 20

Ms. Tracy Champan, who had undergone a succesful appendicetomy today, requires support and assistance to manage her children at home following her discharge today.

On 18 April 1990, Ms. Champan was admitted as acute appendicitis, therefore, surgery was performed. Post-operatively, remarkable progress was noticed, no signs of infection were observed at wound site, hences and liquid fluids diet, and mobilization were initiated. Minimal pain observed, therefore, she was commenced with two Panadol thrice a day for pain.

Ms. Champan , a single kother of three children aged four years, three year and eighteen months. Lives alone in a rented flat. During hospitalization her mother has been taking care of the children, but she needs to go back to her house after Ms. Champan discharge.

In view of the aforementioned circumstances, regular monitoring of Ms. Champans, wound site for any signs of infection, rest, moderate exercise along with high protein dietary regimens, and counselling regarding home help, would be profoundly beneficial. Heavy lifting and extensive activities are restricted for six weeks. If you require any additional information , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse.


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