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QQ 1058. Alicia Nesbit - Letter - Jasmine Joanna

Updated: Aug 2, 2021



The Community Midwifery Team

Sal town Material and Child health center

Sal town

28 April 2016

Dear sir/ madam

Re: Alicia Nesbil, aged bdays

Thank you for accepting Alicia Neshit, who has been diagnosed with low birth weight due to mother's opivoid dependence . She requires daily visits and care following her discharge today.

On 22 April 2016, Alicia Neshit born with low birth weight and her mother gemma poole has been heroin dependent for two years . Ms poole recently worked as a sex worker . Both baby and mother completed heroin withdrawal without complications . At birth , Alicia weighted 2.0kg . Today her weight 2.3kg . However , she has been bottle feeding erractically and her appetite seems to be decreasing. Moreover , poole often needs prompting to care for Alicia and the bond between mother and baby appears to be poor.

Ms poole is not in a relationship with Alicia's father due to domestic violence. Social services are involved and have approved of Alicia being discharged with poole's matemal grandmother's home.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances it would be greatly appreciated , if you could support by daily home visits . until Alicia's weight and feeding routine have stabilized . Pease ensure that grandmother's home is a safe environment for Alicia and educate Ms poole and grandmother on infant care. Kindly monitor Ms poole's psychological state and raise with drag and alcohol team to reduce the risk of heroih use.

Should you require some more information . please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,


Alicia Nesbit - 3 Jasmine Joanna Joel


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