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QQ 1047. Alicia Nesbit - Letter - Shini

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



The Community Midwifery team

Maternal and child health Centre

28 April 2016

Dear Midwife,

Re: Alicia Nesbitt

DOB: 22 April 2016

Alicia Nesbitt who is recovering from low birth weight and opioid dependence & require ongoing and management & the baby and mother being discharged today.

Alicia was delivered with a weight of 2kg which is currently increased to 2.3 kg During Hospitalization improper bottle feeding Apart from these ,poor baby has developed with mothers.

Alicia's mother, Ms Poole is a 20 year old Single. mother and she is a sex worker. She estranged from Alicials father during her pregnancy period .she has been heroin depandent for 2 years as a result , Ms poole and Alicia were completad berous withdrawl treabert without complication. Eventhough the has less affected to her child, she often neede prompted care.

To view of above, Regular visits for monitoring the feeding technique any weight of Alice is appreciated.he is imperative to evaluate Mr Poole caping and Psychological state towards Alice Educating about infant care is beneficial It would be greatly appreciated if you could arrange a drag and alcohol team to encourage her to quit the heroin use.

If you have any queries, kindly do not hesitate to contact me .

Yours faithfully,

The Midwife

Saint Daphne Maternity Hospital.


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