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1039. Mr. David Taylor - Letter - Rashid El Hasson

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



Dr. James Brown

Orthopordic Surgeon

1238 Gyere Road

Cheroside, 4352

7 November 2010

Dear Dr Brown

Re: David Taylor, aged 38

Thank you for accepting Mr. Tayler, who has clinical features & medial cactilaged damaged of the left knee, for your surgical Appropriate treatment

Rogarding his medical history, Mr Taylor han no history of chariscillness he smokes 20 to 30 cigarties daily and consumes alcohol modertely.

Intially, on 12 August, Mr Taylor presented with the Complaint of the left knee pain, swelling and in ablity to strengthening his lower limb. History of left knee trauma before six monthy was reported, for which he was developed painful Lump, releived by painkillers. Since then, his physical activity and job productivity were impaired, concerned regarding family financial support was created. Knee examination showed mild left knee swelling and tenderness aner the medical aspect of the knee, Subsequently, Knee X-ray was requested, smoking ceased was recommended Voltvin 50 mg twice daily was prescribed and follow-up visit. if his synplays persist was scheduled.

"On the subsequent visit. Mr Taylor was exhibited recurrent knee pain, and swelling that affected his work productivity, knee assessment diffused swelling tenderness and diminished powere range were noted. Accordingly, a medical injury of medial certilacze was suggected and MRI Scan was ordered.

On today's visit, Mr. Tayler was distressed and depressed regarding the impact of his knee condition on his work disability.

No further complains were informed, reduction in pain intenciting and postine Knew Swelling Were mentioned. MRI report revealed medical cephilage injury.

Based on the above-mentioned circumstances, surgical clearance of the damaged cartilage, to préven't oskoproces will be profound beneficial.

If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to cantact me.

Yours sincerely.

Dr peter perfect

General practitioner

Contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Daler Perfect

Genered practitioner


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