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QQ 1038. Mrs. Anne Ellis - Letter - Shini

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



Ma Paul ferris

Manager of Suromerseat Nursing Home

Garden Street

Berny town

16 June, 2018

Dear Mr Ferris,

Re: Mrs Anne Ellis.

DOB: 16 January 1942

Mrs Ellis who is recovering from bilateral renal calculi, requires continuing care after being discharged back in to your case today.

On 12 June, 2018 Mrs Ellis was admitted with the complaints of cinilateral lest loin and groin pair which radiated to lower back. CT result revealed the diagnosis. As she had experienced severse pain and vomiting, Inj diclofenac and inj metoclopramide were provided respectively. In addition, intravenous dehydration therapy with fluid two loose per day were initiated to treat dehydration.

On next day, Mrs Ellis was commenced on tamsulosin 8mg twice

daily to aid the spontaneous passage of calculus. as per unologist opinton. Has pour was reduced with paracetamol 500mg ,4-6 hours and her vital signs were become normal limit.

Upon discharge, Assessment of Mrs Ellis' medication compliance is recommended Encourage her to micrease fluid ikka 2 to 3 litres per day. kindly advice him to follow the diatory regime as per dietition which includes low salt, low animal protien and avoid ox alot rich foods includes nuts, say products and wheat bran. Monitoring of urine output and say prickets sentarine the for analysis is extential. Please note, be due for a follow up appoinment in unology clinic a

If you have further queries, please donot hesitate to contact in

Yours sincerely

Change Nurse

Medial Ward.


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