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1033. Mr. Thomas Sheffield - Letter - Pavitra Raghavan

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



Dr. Jeffrey Taylor

Community Cardiologist

25 January 2020

Dear Doctor Taylor,

Re: Mr. Thomas Sheffield, aged 73

I am referring Mr. Thomas Sheffield, who underwent permanent pacemaker replacement and require follow up care from your esteemed services following her discharge today.

On 21 January, Mr. Sheffield was presented syncopal went while playing golf. Electrocardiogram reveals complete heart block and which rates along 30-40%. Permanent pacemaker was replacement. Ensure the skin integrity and incision healing with steri-strips, regular daily dressing changes was advised. Lifting was restricted for two weeks for the affected area less than ten pounds, slings is applied over the affected arm for three days. He ambulates independently. His current medications include aspirin, 81mg for his myocaridal infraction, lesinopril, 10mg and metoprotol, 25mg for his hypertension, lipitor 40 mg, for his drpslipidernia and ibuprofen, 800mg for his pain. Monitoring of medication adhere is highly recommended.

Upon referral, Mr. Sheffield will initiated with physical therapy session after three weeks and clearance required during followup office visit, Provide adequate education on remote monitoring of pacemaker activities and its restrictions.

Mr. Sheffield is a retired accountant adn lives with his wife.

In view of the above circumstances. Monitoring of implant site, pacemaker and blood pressure for 7 to 10 days would be extremely appreciated.

In case you require any additional information , please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Discharge Nurse

Mayo Clinic.


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