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1029. Mrs. Theresa Wimbledon - Letter - Pavitra Raghavan

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



De Montashe Dorothi

General pracitioner

Princeton Hospital Melbourne

26 June, 2021

Sea Doctor Dorothi,

Re: Mrs Theresa Winbledon, aged 74

I am writing to update the current health status of Mrs thurva Wimbeldon, whose signs and symptoms are suggestive possiblity of dementia. She requiers further investization and treatment from your esteemed services.

Mus Wimbledon is a retired baker and lives alone. Her mother had history of Ayheimer deriace which was mentioned in her diary.

Mrs Wimbledon had fill in the garden, infected knee dressing .on her first visit. She was unable to recogssiqe anyone. She was wearing same dress of previous evening. On ment visit, her condition is improved with little recognition. Medication ignorance were noted. She had mild bedsore and wirany trail infection for which she has been treatment. Once the counter of medicumor were reported.

On today's visit, Mrs wimbledon has a mood swings, social detachment with neighbor. She was on balcony for two hours motionless and drooping.

In view the above circumstances. Your expert quidane would be appreciated in order to improves her condition.

I have enclosed her medication administer for bedsore and urinary track infection.

In case you require and additional information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse.


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