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1022. Mr. Michael - Letter - Rashid El Hassan

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



Dr M McLaren Neurologist

Suite 3

67 The Crescent Newtown

09 August 2014

Dear Dr Mclaren

Re: Mr Micheal Weir, DOB: 20 September 1970

Thank you for accepting Mr Weir who has clinical neurological features suggestive of multiple sclerosis, for your further evaluation and appropriate managment

Regarding the medical history, Mr Weir has had depression since 2012 for which he hachad commenced in Zoloft. he smokes ligare He.

Intrally, on 29 June. Mr Weir was attented for the medical checkup, history of fatigablility, lethargia and overstretched feeling were reported. Accordingly, Blood test included lipid profile were ordered and follow-up visit was scheduled. On the subsequent visit In addition to the previous symptoms, left lower limb weakness way exhibited. The pathology report revealed decreased in all CBC parameters, Subsequently, education regarding the low fatty meals. was delivered, increased physical activity for weight reduction was encouraged, ceased smoking was recommended and observation regarding his clinical symptoms we advised.

On today's Visit, Mr Weir presented with complaints of dizzines, loss of consciousness attacks for a few minutes and mood swings. Additimally left hand parathesia, left leg weakness, shortness of breathing constipation and lock of energy were informed. On clinical examination, diminished senforion both hand and left patter hyporeflexia were observed. Consequently, the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was suspected, CT secen for both head and Cervical was ordered.

Based in the above-mentioned medical circumstances comprehensive neurological assessment and investigashions included MKI,would be

extremely beneficial.

In case you require any additional information, do not hesitate to Contact me.

Yours sincerely



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