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1020. Mr. Ethan Mathew - Letter - Nusrat Mujeeb

Updated: Jul 29, 2021



The Community Nurse Community Health Centre


06 July 2021

Dear Sir/Madim

Re: Ethan Mathewy aged 73

I am referring Mr. Etham Mathew, who was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis, type II diabetes and chronic ulkers on both leg, and complaince of medication. He is being discharge of toody.

Mir. Mathew presented with chronic ukers on both legs Poor Compleunce of an olabetic agent and insufficient disbetic He has access to Mercubria for mental status treatment. Currently, his mental status is stable, but has frequently attack of deterioration, no mental illness was reported.

Upon admission intravenous antibiotics. was commence of and metformin for diabetes every shortly Starteal dressing had been done to two time a alay monitaring blood Suzer level and Complaince of medication, education has been provided for diabetes.

Mr Mother requires switch to oral antibiotic And metformin to be continued, vicers dressing to be done on daily bases. kindly arranged referal to prince Wales Diabetic Clinic for review and teaching of medication and facilitate his referral to neurologist for mental Status follow up.

Bascol on above mentation information. Continuty of Care and appropriate management of Mr Mathew would be profainally benificail.

If you require additional information, do not hasitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


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