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SS. 2016. Jalaja Vinod - Linta Mathew



NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 0:02 Good afternoon.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:04 Good afternoon.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 0:06 I'm Jana, Jana, one of the registered nurses working in this hospital emergency department and I will be taking care of you today. Okay, how are you feeling now?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:15 Feeling better so but I'm very confused that Why am kept in hospital for so long? Because I know that I have no signs of any broken bonds cuts or bruises after this car accident. So could you please tell me that why you kept in hospital for so long?NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 0:38 interview regarding your reason for hospitalisation and everyday concerns are really sensible and it is reasonable because as you mentioned, you don't have any PVC cutter injuries in your body variable recently and that goes on a cervical spine injury which that is the reason why you are here okay. Sarah,IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:05 Okay sister.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 1:08 Do you have any other concern?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:11 Could you please tell me that when when I get to better in the shortest time possible. So is there any Physiotherapy is will shorten my recovery periodNJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 1:26 definitely use the new data there as many measures which can be taken to get a complete recovery how much time it will take for a company to curry we cannot tell the actual times. Once you get this done from the hospital, you have to do some measures in order to get relief from the team first of all you need to do you can keep one is equal to application on the affected area I mean the material will definitely help to relieve the pain and after that you have to take the medication along with which will definitely will be a pain and also loss which will help to immobilise the area so that you will not feel any pain. Okay. Regarding the physiotherapy some exercises for that you need to consult Devon's physiotherapist is the right person we will definitely guide you with appropriate or suitable accessories okay now maybeIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 2:42 yes. So, so how long will it take for this the treatment so how long will be to before you after a betterNJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 2:52 so I can sense that they're much concerned about condition time we have to do to average it is as I mentioned before, it is very hard to tell how long it will take to complete recovery but however, you are comfortable with your medication on the existence regimen as well as basis then definitely it is complete recovery very soon.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 3:17 Okay, okay.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 3:21 One more thing I need to I need to emphasise is that it is very essential for you if you notice a niche is symptoms like increased pain or discomfort, nausea, vomiting or vision problems. These are symptoms that is related to the complications related to the cervical spine injury, so you have to seek medical attention immediately.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 3:50 Okay, sister.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 3:53 So do you have any other concerns?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 3:55 Yes Is there so if if the after effects or any ongoing problems as a result of my accidentNJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 4:09 in my experience, I didn't find any patients that they are in the serious complications after this whiplash. So I don't think to happen any serious injury or illness, but with the medications and the accessories regimen, so you will definitely get a better recovery.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 4:31 Okay, okay, sister.NJ NURSE JALAJA VINOD 4:35 Okay, you need any help, please? Ranga Versa, IIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 4:40 said, Okay, fine with that. Time. Thank you, sister. Thank you. Rate transcript quality


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