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SS. 2002. Sheba Kurian - Linta Mathew



IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:01 Okay, good evening.NS NURSE SHEBA KURIAN 0:02 Good evening.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:04 Please be seated.NS NURSE SHEBA KURIAN 0:05 Thank youMy name is Shiva degree and one of the registered nurses working in this Community Health Centre. Okay. How may I address you?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:13 You can call me Sara.NS NURSE SHEBA KURIAN 0:15 Sara okay Sara, could you please tell me the reason behind your visit today?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:20 Okay sister actually I came here because of my mother she she's done with the daily checkup here three monthly checkup regular patient here so her reason has report shows that the doctor told that her cholesterol level was fairly high. So she took a survey she told me that her EPA he she she showed her report so I saw that so I don't know about anything about cholesterol so I won Best to reduce it how to reduce it so could you please help me for to explain it?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 0:52 I'm really sorry to hear that your mother is having the high cholesterol. Mr. Herrera, don't worry I am here to help you out. So before moving further Shall I ask you to Shall I ask some questions regarding thisIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:06 Yes sister you can see herIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:09 any family member how high cholesterol no no. Okay. So So Do we know anything about cholesterol?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:18 No sister I don't I'm not I'm not anything don't anything about cholesterol.IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 1:25 Okay, thank you for answering my question Will Sarah but don't worry I can explain you in detail. Actually the cholesterol is a fatty like material which is present in the blood than most of the tissues and there is two types of cholesterol that is one is high density lipoproteins and low density lipoproteins and we consider this high density liberal bodies are good for our body and the Lord and city lipoproteins are backed by we consider us bad for our health. So we have to follow all the instructions which are received from the mother from the doctor and sorry from the doctor and if he prescribed any medications and please advise or please take care of your mother that he is she's taking on a proper diet okay because I can explain you in detail as I said it's a fast like muddy fat like material and once it deposit in any veins or arteries and it will start actually it will be logic and this can lead to heart disease or some heart disease or strokeIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 2:40 or cases or cases so show the doctor men by the My mother is having fairly high level of cholesterol okay so could you please tell me that my mother's cholesterol level should be up to how much also is there any could be developing to something worsenIL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 3:01 okay are your concerns are really valued Massara I can explain you in like your mother's cholesterol level is came out to the EPO 5.5 That's the reason why the doctor has told that very high level of cholesterol and which needs to be controlled otherwise it may lead to some complications complications as I said before, there will be a chance of getting some heart diseases or some strokes so that all the appropriate level would be the 5.5 and below okay. So, please take her off your mother like no at least try to do some priests advisor to do some exercises a simple exercise walking is enough. Actually he can I think she can do walking at least 15 to 30 minutes. And if she can do she can at least she can do some yoga. Okay. So it would help her to control the cholesterol level and also advise her to continue the medication since the doctor has prescribed it for her and also in she needs to do some dietary maintenance. Like no please advise her to avoid saturated fats and she needs to eat more fibre. Okay, fibre is diet and it would also help her to control her cholesterol level in her body. Okay. And I hope I have clarified all your doubts. So do you have any Any other concerns?IL INTERLOCUTOR LINTA MATTHEW 5:01 No sir You cleared my all doubts.NS NURSE SHEBA KURIAN 5:03 Okay, so I think if I you got an idea about what is Columnstore and how do we manage it. So, please follow all the instructions which I have given to you. I'm sorry, please make your mother's and I, if you have any more queries, I'm here to help you out. And one more thing I can get you one leaflet patient information leaflet regarding college store. So, once you go through that, you will be able to understand better and the things you have to take care of like know what also things you have to take care of your mother is already explained in that in detail. So it would be better for for you to take care of your mother. Okay, sister, okay. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you


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