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SS. 1579.Divya D'Souza - Priyanka. A



ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:01 My name is Divya when working emergency department May I know your name?IP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:07 My name is Maggie.ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:09 Okay with Maggie Mae notary and because he was waiting for theIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 0:15 nurse, I bought my son to hospital because he has been suffering from wanting some headache from past two weeks. Doctor has ordered emeritus for his further investigation.ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 0:30 Okay, I'm sorry to hear that I completely understand your situation. I know that you as a mother, it's very difficult to manage with the condition and also the head but experts already done a few hours ago, but they certainly stay in a Marine Corps for the observation purpose because they sedated to become a diabetic will take a long time to relax for those who are listening to fine. So, Doctor will come and visit us atIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 1:16 isness concert I believe that he was sure I bought him to hospital to know why he's not recoveringND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 1:31 money towards the wedding, we are here to help you consult a doctor I understand that a doctor estore there will be the small tumor in the backseat of the ages not when it is not cancerous tumor, so don't worry and also given all the spread. So, they will remove you from the back of the head teddy bear so there today will be repeat essentially will not takeIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 2:17 you isness a few minutes ago doctor said that my son is having a tumor in his bag third off he said he regrets he goes to say surgeryND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 2:33 can understand the worst concern reversible check doctor this advice you do the surgery but a note to say not cancer as it won't spread to the other part of parts of the brain. But they will do research in April two months so it won't and also there are reversed slightly pain will be dead for the doctor will prescribe some medication okayness and also after the surgery there will be some problem may arise about some problems and the genetics explain to you what are the problem areas after the surgery first of all there will be physical disability and secondly there will be difficulty in his speech difficulty in speech. So that some advice I can give you to follow some strategy to follow up and going the whole like physical disability work we can go for physical therapist okay and also for the difficulty at speech therapy will be MLA but they will be sitting at home and they will provide you better treatment to do like advice they would advise you to the time to do some activities to set the scene today with some strategy to follow the enduring speech. So some community nurse will be visiting us you can share your doubts and they will give a solution for your problem and also there will be supporting group in a relatable I will tell them to visit your home so you can create Oliver down so he will get the proper solution for even sense condition. InterviewIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 4:57 okay nurse nurse I was only was not a good parent to Jimmy, I would have been more carefulND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 5:07 don't worry, we are here to help you and also to know that there will be the supportive group in our community. I will tell them to visit your home they will give you support you deals and you should not feel guilty about the weather condition, the condition will be all right it is a not cancerous, small tumor. So, after the surgery, we will send the disease all right a few days to recover so that you don't worry about us. After a few months he was sent in theIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 5:49 killers.ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 5:52 I think I explained everything. So you have any doubts, you can come up with hospitality because we are always there for you. And also be optimistic and be positive. Thinking about that. So that the winners and the recovery for the best ever speedy recovery ofIP INTERLOCTOR PRIYANKA .A 6:17 okayness Thank you.ND NURSE DIVYA D SOUZA 6:19 Thank you.


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