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QQ-3856. Mr Dallas Walters – Nursing – Mohammed Mahadeer - Peritoneal Dialysis


22 June 2011

The Renal Clinical Nurse Specialist

The Bunbury Community Health Centre

Dear Nurse,

Re: Mr Dallas Walters, aged 51

The purpose of this letter is to refer Mr Dallas Walter, who was recently undergone for peritoneal dialysis for which catheter inserted successfully, he requires ongoing care at your esteemed service. He is being discharged today.

Mr Walters was admitted to the hospital on 16 June 2011, he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, for which he undergone the procedure successfully. During hospitalization, his wife and he slow to learn the management of CAPD. Consequently, his blood investigations revealed hyperkalemia, requires cardiac monitoring for two days. However, his potassium level is normal in the time of discharge and there is some alterations in his psychosis.

Mr Walter managing his life with disability support pension, his mental status was stable with mild chronic delusion and he has mild chronic renal failure for 4 years, which recently was and his condition also he has diabetes mellitus.

In view of above, Mr Walter and his wife needs to be educated regarding CAPD and CRF, it would be appreciated if you could keep eye on his catheter for an infection, as well as sign of peritonitis. Please note, he must be educated regarding minimising potassium in his diet. He needs to be referred, if you notice any sign of increased psychosis characters with him, if necessary get community health worker to reinforce him and his wife CAPD/CRF education.

If you requires further informations, please feel free to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse


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