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QQ-3845. Mr Joanna Johan – Nursing – Divya D'Souza - Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension


Ms Angel Philip

Community Health Nurse

20 July 2019

Dear Ms Philip,

Re: Mrs Joanna Johan, aged 40

Mrs Johan who was diagnosed with pregronyl-induced hypertension and gestational diabetic mellitus. Siri quires daily home visit for routine monitoring of antenatal checkups and being discharge today.

On 15 July 2019, Mrs Johan was admitted to our hospital with the complaints of generalised edema and palpitation since three days. On examination Blood pressure 160/100mm of hg, hemoglobin 6mg/dl, RBS 300mm/dl and TSH 6mol/L. In addition weight is decreased into 63 kgs to 55kg. The condition was treated with lobetadol 100mg daily, metformin 500mg twice daily, qten 10mg (when ever required), iron and calcium supplements was commited.

Mrs Johan is a antenatal mother (25weeks) and gestational score G3P2AILI. She is underwent apendectomy and 03.5 and also five years ago had a abortion. In addition has hypothyroidism and post partun psychosis which was managed with thyroxin 500mg in the morning and counselling was done with respectivy and during first pregnancy she had anemia the condition was treated with blood transfusion.

At present, according to the endocrinology blood sugar was maintained though the insuline. Apart from blood pressure and hypothyroidism is controlled by appropriate medication. And also 1 pint blood transfusion was performed, hemoglobin 11mg/dp was noticed so plan for the discharge today.

Kindly note, on 28 July 2010, next follow up has been scheduled and blood test for the TSH need to perform.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances requires home visit to manage above condition. It would be profoundly beneficial.

In case any addition information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse

Star Health Hospital.


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