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QQ-3812. Mrs Victoria Flangan - Nursing – DeMosase Mpheu – Right Sided Heart Failure


The Admission Officer

Torquay Nursing Home

77 Jan Juc

St Torquay

25 January 2022

Dear Admissions Officer

Re: Mrs Victoria Flangan, aged 88

Mrs Langan, who is recovering from dementia and the adverse effects of medication for Parkinson disease, requires continuous care and management. She is being transferred to your service soon.

Upon admission, Mrs Phangan was confused, aggressive and had paranoid behavior. During her time in hospital, she was observed four hourly. Her medication was changed to bromoryptpine mesylate 1.25mg at night for a week. Promotion of physical movement was done together with exercises for muscle strengthening, as well as speaking and swallowing. Additionally, nutritional therapy was done and plenty of roughage was advised.

Socially, she had been living independently with her husband who was finding it hard to cope with her aggressive behavior and disorientation. However, she is now treated with medication and only a sense of memory loss and these orientations are occasionally present.

Based on the above, Mrs Fangan’s continuous care and management would be profoundly beneficial.

Should we have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Psychiatric Nurse


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