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QQ-3808. Mr Lionel Ramamurthy - Nursing – Chitra Calyanasundaram – Pneumonia


Ms Georgina Ponsford Resident

Community Nurse

Community Retirement Home

103 Light Street


11 February 2014

Dear Ms Ponsford,

Re: Mr Lionel Ramamurthy, aged 63

Mr Ramamurthy, who was diagnosed with pneumonia. He requires ongoing care and appropriate management. He will be discharged tomorrow and back to your care.

On admission, Mr Ramamurthy was complaints of acute shortness of breath and inspiratory and expiratory wheezing, persist cough fever rigors sleeplessness and generalised ache to addtion he become mobilizing with pick up frame daily living activities requires assistent including showering, dressing ambulating only short distances with increasing shortness of breath exercises.

Mr Ramamurthy condition improved good progress over all, encourage adequate oral fluids and proper nutrition and physiotherapy was recommended for ambulation, encourage deep breathing cough exercises. Educated regarding sitting position ensure postural drainage, he was recommended paracetamol if (abdominal and chest pain) as required always keeps warm.

In view of the above, It would be greatly appreciated if continuing monitoring Mr Ramamurthy its more beneficial.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse.


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