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QQ-3777. Walter Pitman - Nursing – Soumya Shiju – Hypertension


Dr Lancrell

Sneinton Surgery




Re: Mr Walter Pitman, aged 69

I am writing to refer Mr Pitman for your full cardiac assessment and management of hypertension.

Mr Pitman arrived in care of Nurse-led outpatient clinic with severe pain of 8/10 on pain scale with hematoma, following his discharge from Newtown Hospital yesterday, where he was being admitted for deep lacernations on his left lower arm. On observations, his BP 186/89 mmHg being in sitting position but 190/86mmHg on supine position.

Mr Pitman has a medical history of hypertension since 2008 and BMI 30 but not exercising. He is 9 non-smoker nor alcoholism.

Two days later, BP seemed to be Elevated which was 186/89 mmHg in sitting position but in supine position still the same which was 190/86 mmHg.

Following her next 3 more visits, BP was gradually elevating especially systolic pressure though the wound being cleaned and healing well without infection.

On today’s observation BP increased to 190/84 mmHg (sitting) and 196/86 mmHg in supine position, therefore Mr Pitman requires your cardiac assessment for hypertesion and management.

Please do not hesitate to call me if there is any query regarding Mr Pitman.

Yours sincerely,



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