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QQ-3766. Ms Margaret HelenMartin - Nursing – Chitra Calyanasundaram – Coronary Artery Disease


The Nurse Incharge

District Nursing Service

Community Health Centre

88 Hightan Road


16 July 2018

Dear Nurse Incharge,

Re: Ms Margaret Helen Martin, aged 82.

I am writing to update Ms Margaret Helen Martin, who was diagnosed with Coronary artery disease. She requires continuing care and managed. She is set to discharged tomorrow to your facility.

Ms Martin was undergone procedure of angioplasty (first 2002) currently repeat angioplasty; on observation, she is anxious about health medicine were recommended aspirin. Clopidogres for hypertension metoprotol and closmatu atorvastein prescribed.

Ms Martin, recommended low calorie high protein, low cholestrol gluten free diet, encourage to drink plenty of water; Additionally, encourage to do light physical activity. Restricted heavy lifting for 12 weeks.

Kindly monitor wound site for bruseing infection, adherence to medication regime provide infrequent family support.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse.


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