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QQ-3718. Mrs Karen Charm - Nursing – Sheba Kurian – Endometrial Cancer


Dr George Gerand


Solobil Hospital

Cliffbridge Road



05 March 2019

Dear Dr Gerand,

Re: Mrs Karen Charm, aged 44

Mrs Karen Charm, who is suspected to have endometrial cancer, requires further evaluation and management. She will be referred into your facility.

On 03 March 2019, Mrs Charm presented to the clinic with the complaints of severe vaginal bleeding , pain in legs, back and pelvic region. She also has pain while intercourse and urination. She was unable to perform her daily activities. A series of investigations were performed. During subsequent visits, she has same complaints along with foul smel, intense pain, breathing difficulty and fainted at home. Her investigation results were abnormal including PAP test, which showed abnormal growth of cells.Biopsy, MRI, CT and X-ray were done and reports are awaited.

Since March 2019, Mrs Charm has had irregular menstruation, PCOS and hyperthyroidism, which is managed with thyroxine 0.5mg. She had endometrial hyperplasia and excessive irregular growth. She has the family history of cancer. She has the habit of consuming alcohol and smoking , daily 10-12 cigarettes in a day.

Your expertized assessment and treatment would be highly beneficial for Mrs Charm's present condition. In case any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Heidi Seil

Registered Nurse

Biomechanix Health Clinic


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