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QQ-3714. Ms Juanita Jones - Nursing – Jain Baby – Schizophrenia


Ms Benjamin Benz

Myatai Health Nurse

Masori Mental Health Nurse

581 White Avenue

Victoria, 2021

Dear Ms Benz,

Re: Ms Juanita Jones, aged 21

I am writing to update you regarding the healthy status of Ms Juanita Jones who requires continuing care and management. She has been recovering from schizophrenia. She is being discharged today.

Ms Jone self-administered to hospital on 08 October 2021, with the complaints of visual-auditory hallusinations and delusion. On assessment, she has agression and agitation. She was responded to internal stimuli with thought blocking and latency. Therefore, she was commenced on resperidone.

During hospitalization, Ms Jones was assessed for objective signs of psychosis and redirect her from delusions. Her behaviour was controlled by therapies. Thereafter, she informed that the cessation of hallusinations and less organised thinking with good insight.

It would be appreciated if you could continue tablet resperidone 4gram in the night and 1mg can be give twice daily if needed. Please note that she requires follow-up at your clinic.

If you have any further queries, pleas contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Resgistered Nurse.


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