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QQ-3627. Mrs Harry Clona - Nursing – Adari Prashanthi – Left Lung Resection Surgery



Repatriation General Hospital

216 Daws Road

Daw Park 5041

24 May 2009

Dear Director,

Re: Mrs Harry Clona , aged 58

Mrs Clona who is recuperating from left lung resection surgery is being transferred to your care for ongoing care and further management.

Postoperatively, on fourth day she was diagnosed with pneumonia , which was treated with antibiotics and ventilation. She had a gradual recovery with fluid and oxygen management as well as with good nutritional support. Though, physiotherapy was initiated for improving mobility, slowness and reluctance for walking is noticed. Furthermore, she finds difficulty in coping with psychological and social issues.

Mrs Clona is divorced, resides in a small rented house and depended financially on children. She had undergone mastectomy in 1988 due to breast cancer.Good progress was noticed with tamoxifen which needs to be continued along with antibiotics and chemotherapy appointment will be initiated from 06 June 2009.

In view of her condition, encouraging mobilization with ongoing physiotherapy is recommended. In order to improve her coping strategies , organizing visits between psychiatrist and family members would be beneficial to provide emotional support. Monitoring of medication compliance is required.

Based on the above mentioned details, it would be greatly appreciated if you could handle this case and provide further care and management.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Registered nurse

Intensive care unit

Finders Medical Center


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