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QQ-3624. Mr James Petit - Nursing – Anitta Renjith – Acute Urinary Retention


Ms Annie John

Community Health Nurse

229 Fullarton Road, 5097

Dear Ms John,

Re: Mr James Pettit, aged 74

I am writing to refer Mr James Pettit who underwent catheterization requires further assessment and support from your side following discharge today.

Mr Pettit was presented to hospital on 01/07/2021 with intense pain our lower abdomen and was diagnosed as acute urinary extension following swelling on prostate gland. Consequently an indwelling catherter was inserted and has reported pain and discomfort after insertion. Followed by that, he was admitted to ward and was commenced on Paracetamol 1 g SOS for four days. During hospital stay he was recommended recatheter for long term use. In addition he had given information regarding prevention of re-infection,importance of changing catheter bag and maintenance of personal hygiene.

Socially, Mr Pettit is a widow, who lives alone. He is a moderate drinker. His medical history reveals that he has prostate cancer since 2010 and is taking radiotherapy and hormone therapy. He also had surgery for anguinal hermie.

In view of the above, it would be grateful if you could provide follow up ear and monitor personal hygiene. Kindly arrange the visit of a community health for inited three day to reduce recoping concern of note, he is advised for changing catheter regularly.

If you have any further queries, please feel for to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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