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QQ-3620. Ms Constance Maxwell - Nursing – Pavani Thupakula – Bilateral Conjunctivitis*


The Registrat

Emergency Department

Royal Medicare Eye Hospital

Alexandra Tre


Melbourne 3021

2 July 2006

Dear Registrat,

Re: Ms Constance Maxwell DOB: 08 August 1934

Miss Constance Maxwell, who has significant Odema over bilateral eyelids and unable to see properly, requires urgent assistance and appropriate management following the referral today.

Initially, Ms Maxwell presented on 21 February 2006 with short complaints of inflamated sticky and weeping eyes which were red and watery profusely. Viral conjunctivitis was diagnosed to which chlorcig drops every 4th hourly were prescribed. On subsequent visit

Marked edema conjunctival congestion and blurred vision were noticed for which chlromphenicol 0.5% sterile one drop thrice daily and bion tears one drop forth hourly were commenced.

Today, she was presented with her husband and appeared way ditress due to loss of vision. Difference between light or dark shapes are possible but not able to read or watch television. She is on thyroxine 1mg, atacond 4mg, fosamac 10mg daily for thyroidism and hypertension. Based on the aforementioned circumstances providing urgent care and treatment is crucial to restore Ms Maxwells vision.

Incase, any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

General Practice.


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