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QQ-3577. Mr. Martin Wilson - Nursing – Nisha Devi – Suicide Attempt


Ms Jennifer Adam

The Elizabeth community health center.

125 Munno Parra Auenue.

Elizabeth 5098

24 october 2009

Re: Mr. Martin Kilson, aged 62.

Dean Hs Adam.

I am referning Mr. wilson who was admitted to our hospital for suicidal attempt following overdme of mgoder . He Requrm urgent attention and follow-up come from your feality after being dischanged today

Socially Mr. Wilson is a refined book Keeper lives with his wire and son. His wife is working and son is unemployed. He is a regirem social drinker and has been. Stmmlie gambling two yenid ago after his retrement • As a resut, he lost hoge amount of money including Super annuation rongl. This come him to have hoge debt. Thrqme, his family member and aganist him also he love his frirnds. Mr Wilson is entonally upset and tried to attempt succeeded.

Darrng hospitalization Mr. wilson won noticed weak, depmmed and lado of appetiate He hon been commemed on tablet Iovan 200 mg.

I's view of the above Sitvatron, kindly provide an ungen atention and cme do gambling addecho toropy and energy rico to prticepate in in social spetry activities. Soggative of lawl bowll. Strong motivation and energyment needed for doing Gambling adduction group.

Kindly do the neefvl , please do not hesitate to contact me fr rntro corn.

Yours sincerely

Registered nurse

Lyell Hc Eoin hospital

2. Martin Wilson - Nisha Devi


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