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QQ-3533. Mr Abdullah Gahtani - Nursing – Jyothi Thomas – Coronary Artery Bipass Graft


Ms Janice Smith

Community Nurse

Community Centre

102 Melbourne

7 August 2018

Dear Miss Smith,

RE: Mr Abdulla Gahtani, DOB: 05 June 1968

Mr Abdulla Gahtani, who is recuperating from the coronary artery bypass grafting, requires home visits from your facility for further support following his discharge today.

Mr Gahtani was admitted on 7 August 2018, with the suggestive symptoms of myocardial infraction. A series of investigation were performed and confirm his diagnosis. His condition was stabilised with streptokinase, anticoagulants, anticholinergic followed by the surgery. In addition, karvey 150 mg and aspirin 81mg daily were commenced.

Socially, Mr Ghahtani and his Family are refugers from Morocco and have no family doctor. He has the habit of smoking: therefore, educate him regarding the importance of smoking cessation.

In view of the above details, it would be greatly appreciated if you could visit Mr Ghatani and monitor his blood pressure and heartrate. Health education regarding the importance of medication adherence and new diet regime are recommended. It is a sensual to enhance him to follow exercises properly. Of note, an appointment with cardiologist has been scheduled on 25 August 2018 at 2 PM.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely,

Ward Nurse.


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