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QQ-3488. Mrs joy Rafferty - Nursing – Pavani Thupakula – Benign Hypertension


Ms Rhonda Johns

Registered Nurse

Community health Centre

25 river street




1 November 2001

Dear Ms Johns,

Re: Mrs joy Rafferty,aged 65

Mrs. Jay Raffert, who has been visting our centre. for the past 10 years . she is now shifting to your Centre which is done in her home.

Mrs. Rafferty's isolation has increased recently and she is restricted to attend only family occations. All her shoppings are performed by family members . however she was taken outside occationally . Enaslier she was very active with church and social activity. Several famiily meetings were conducted to encourage her to be more socially activity ,despite, family members are over protective they agreed to do so.

Mrs Rafferty has had benign hypertension for the past 10 years, currently which is progrecesitg to essential hypertension, for which tablet coversly 4 mg daily was commenced weight gain of 15 kilograms in the past year was reported well as the allo suffers with year was reported as well as she Allo suffers with acher and pains due to undifferntiated as Currently mild depression is noticed!

Encouraging for adopting exercise programe to ensure good health and participating in activities like aqua aeroblics local womens chair and parish visiting groups is required. Board on the afferementioned Circumstances, continuing family meetings and regular monitoring would be extremely beneficial to imporve Mrs Rafferty's condition.

In case any additional information as required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse

Community Health Centre

4. Pavani Thupakula - Mrs Joy Rafferty


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